Aviva Furman

My name is Aviva and I teach Hatha yoga. I am a qualified FRYOG yoga teacher and have been practising yoga for twenty years. 

People from all walks of life can practise yoga. You do not need to be physically flexible - yoga teaches you to become flexible in mind and body.

Yoga has a whole wealth of benefits: it increases muscle strength, improves posture and balance, improves flexibilty, releases tension, helps you focus, lowers blood pressure, it can help people become emotionally and physically healthier and stronger, it can help you become more aware of your body and health, help to make you feel better about yourself, and help people find stillness in a busy world!

Trying yoga for the first time is courageous - take that first step and try one of my warm, friendly classes.

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The word yoga comes from the Sanskirt word 'Yuj' and means to unite or yoke - to unite all the separate parts of yoga into an intergrated whole. The aim is to establish unity between breath and movement, body and spirit.


When we practise yoga, we need nothing but what we already have - our body and mind. Anybody can practise yoga. The benefits can start immediately and, as one continutes to practise, these effects deepen. Through your yoga practice, you will also become more aware of your own actions and how your behaviour can affect others in a positive way.


Client Reviews 

Bev Varco: 'I've found my perfect yoga teacher in Aviva. Her caring, varied and well-explained classes are enjoyable and have benefited my body and mind.'

Leona Whieldon: 'Aviva is a passionate, inspiring and motivational teacher. She has shaped my love for yoga through her unique mix of knowledge and therapy, which has been a blessing for my old bones.'

John and Suzanne Dobinson: 'Aviva's classes are always something we look foward to, both relaxing and challenging at the same time. She always structures the class well, targeting our specific needs and abilites. We started as beginners and rapidly progressed, enjoying every step of the journey. Thanks, Aviva!'

Rob McDoanld: 'The classes with Aviva have been really uplifting and good for me. My posture, balance, and movement have all improved greatly. I am learning to relax better and also now hit the ball further off the tee, which helps being a keen golfer!'

According to yogic philosophy, nature is made up of 3 qualities; Tamas - heavy inertia, Rajas - enerjectic, lively, and Sattva - lightness. These are the 3 Gunas. These gunas are found in prakriti; all things that are subject to change (matter).We should all aim for a Sattvic diet. Our intake of food affects the state of our mind and body.

It is important to take care of our bodies and have a balanced diet. As well as macro-nutrition, we need micro-nutrition in the form of fruit, vegetables and berries. 

I try to eat a very healthy diet, but to support that I take and distribute Juice Plus capsules. They are real food in a capsule, not an isolated vitamin. Your body cannot actually absorb a lot of synthetic vitamins. Juice Plus allows me to have the variety of 30 different fruit, vegetables, and berries everyday. They are gluten free, pesticide free, herbicide free and have no colouring.


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Aviva Furman

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